Observation Tuesdays – Dislike the Most

The other day Krysta asked what I disliked the most. We compared notes.

What I disliked the most about people was their propensity to go around killing each other. What Krysta dislikes the most about people is their propensity to smoke substances.

Harassing James

One thing I have noticed in wandering around Sydney is that the security people take a dislike to James. If I wander off on my own, I am fine and allowed to take photos. But as soon as James arrives, a security guard will start asking questions and if possible try to make us go . . . → Read More: Harassing James

eating food habits

People in Sydney have one eating habit that I find really weird. They think that eating the same food as someone shows that you like them and support them. I have never come across this before in all my travels of the world and in all the other places I have lived. Even the people . . . → Read More: eating food habits