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A bit of a repeat of a recent dream.

I am driving the relo. It is clearly in need of repair. Strangely it us booked into the same place on a slight hill that it was in the previous dream. The location is on a semi industrial, but rural road that . . . → Read More: Dream


I wander through various people lives in this city that is in a browny cream and white monochrome. Lots of hard concrete surfaces.

Whilst in this city, I am in this large chemist warehouse. Various people are taking things away for delivery. They seem to think that I should do the same. But I . . . → Read More: Dream


A man says watch this. He reaches down and opens an oven door. As the door opens air rushes in and there is a flash of an explosion. The inside of the oven is covered in a greasy soot. The man reaches in and pulls out a burned cheesecake.

Bounding Brown Animals

This is a new dream.

I am driving the relo along a freeway at night. I have semi trailers around me. Slowly the number of them increases. Eventually I am boxed in by them. We are all travelling at freeway speeds.

I am now in a forest beside the freeway. To . . . → Read More: Bounding Brown Animals

Visa Dream

I am in a concrete room with a wooden counter. There are people taking papers up to the counter. A woman in a dark blue uniform sits behind the counter.

I am told to take a paper up to the counter. I hand it over. Nothing untoward happens. I am surprised. . . . → Read More: Visa Dream

Dream Tuesdays – the factory

I think variants of this dream have occurred a few times.

I am in a dirty industrial city. There is a street the runs up along a narrowed valley. On one side is this dirty grey-brown factory complex that is clad in the aluminium sheeting they use on roofs, painted a . . . → Read More: Dream Tuesdays – the factory

Toe Nail

A small toe. The left foot. The toe nail is longer than the toe. It tears off easily back at the toe.


A dream about the F102 integrated display and driver chip module for mobile devices.

A narrative: a voice thinking not speaking – the general topic is low cost mobile device displays.

…you don’t need to worry (about development cost and effort) because just like another device, the part is . . . → Read More: F102

Can’t breath dream

This was part of a longer dream. The end. I can’t properly remember the first part. But it was in part about a business man who was trying to talk to a security guard.

I have been wandering up and down the lushly vegetated banks of a river. I can gear a rasping man’s . . . → Read More: Can’t breath dream

A Dream of a writhing person

A new dream, never occurred before.

Grey background. A grown woman, skin red and orange wavy pattern. Looks like mud. No hair. No clothes. She is on her hands and knees. Face contorted with pain. No sound.

I reach down to pick her up. I have to be very careful not . . . → Read More: A Dream of a writhing person