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Driving through Parkville

Was driving along a street I had not been down for a long long time trying to remember which way to get to where I wanted to go. Got to a point were my memory said – mum and dad used to turn left here. So I turned left. And sure enough the . . . → Read More: Driving through Parkville

Sydney to Melbourne: Day 2 – Cowra to Wangaratta

The longest driving day of the trip. We headed south from Cowra, my grandfather’s birth-place, along the Olympic Highway. The packing went easily and quickly and was done much more sensibly than the day before. There was a threat of rain, but that did not eventuate. We stopped at Junee for a rest . . . → Read More: Sydney to Melbourne: Day 2 – Cowra to Wangaratta

narrow streets and no right turns

this was an odd little dream, that just occurred.

I am driving a car. I am going along a straight four lane road, down hill. I want to turn right in the turn right lane. But I am in the left lane. We drive past. The car seems to be driving itself. We stick to . . . → Read More: narrow streets and no right turns

A land of flooding rains

The three of us started out from Yeppoon in the morning. The rains had continued and there were many reports of flooding. We had to use some back roads as the main highway was underwater. South of Rockhampton there was a section of flooded road with about 200 meters of road underwater. We . . . → Read More: A land of flooding rains