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One Minute Silence

I had never heard of this band until shortly after I left Dublin in 2002. I do not know if being an Irish band had anything to do with it, and I know not why the vocalist uses ‘Yap’ with the quotes as his middle name. If you know, a comment would be . . . → Read More: One Minute Silence

Dublin and surrounds

A few days in Dublin. We stay at the Parliament Hotel, because we never realized that this was the weekend of the Hurlinggrand final. On the first full day I go to Glendalough. On the second day we go to Knowth and Newgrange. Finally we visitDublin Castle.

. . . → Read More: Dublin and surrounds

London to Dublin

Arriving in Shooter’s Hill I visit the site, now a War Hospital of the 80 room mansion called Hazelwood House, which belonged to the father George Harley, father of Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842). They are Great…Grandparents.

I then meet up with Wendy who has arrived from Europe. We visit Harrods. On the . . . → Read More: London to Dublin