2011 August 11 – Rejected Email

The email system is constantly rejecting my emails. It says that the server rejected the address. However, then at some time it will randomly work. In Brisbane it was much worse. It has been suggested that there are temporary black holes being placed on IP addresses to prevent spam and denial of service . . . → Read More: 2011 August 11 – Rejected Email

A day of rest and relaxation

In the morning I headed down to Sunnybank Station to pick up Kirsten and Krysta who had travelled up overnight on the train. It was in many ways reminiscent of my holidays in Caloundra.

We then spent the day lounging around at home with Tanya and her kids. . . . → Read More: A day of rest and relaxation

Links to 2009-11-22

It has been quite a week. I put in several links and then decided that they are boring. So here is what is left.

. . . → Read More: Links to 2009-11-22