A gun emplacement

this dream happened a lot during the 1980’s. It had several variants and seemed to evolve over time.

I am at a dug in gun emplacement. Initially it is just a gun emplacement, in a tunnel, that has been overrun. Years later I wonder why. I watch from inside the gun emplacement a hoard of . . . → Read More: A gun emplacement

people I know at the bottom of a shaft… escaping.

This is part of a long sequence of dreams over the decades about the ruined city, and it is very large, in a wide plane. The rubble is new and some of the buildings are still red hot from a fire. This one is from somewhere around 1990.

I stand on the viewing . . . → Read More: people I know at the bottom of a shaft… escaping.

Escape from a tunnel

This is a part of a long series of repeating dreams from the 1980’s. Occasionally the dream happens again.

I am in a tunnel. In this instance the tunnel is long an narrow. I am manning an artillery position with several others. We are attacked by a bunch of trolls. They overrun our . . . → Read More: Escape from a tunnel

A Ruined City

There are several versions of this dream, so I have created a bit of a composite. This dream comes from the early 1990’s. I think from after I moved back to Melbourne, but I am not sure.

I stand on a viewing walkway. Stretching out below for many kilometers in front and to . . . → Read More: A Ruined City