Eurovision 2011 in Reprise

I now have the CD. So this is the new list with all the songs, not just those in the final. Also, it is my view of the songs without the video feed. There are three sets. On the Ipod the first set get 5 stars, the second 4 stars and the third three stars. . . . → Read More: Eurovision 2011 in Reprise

Eurovision 2011 according to 葉文意

Well the Eurovision Song Contest for 2011 is complete. Well, it will be when I have finished this post. This is the scoring as I see it. I have voted as if I am a country. I mean, of course there are the official winners, and I am very happy for them and . . . → Read More: Eurovision 2011 according to 葉文意


Well I have always loved Eurovision, long before it became fashionable here in Australia. But this is the first time I headed off to the pub.

On some occasions I am in synch with the Europeans, and others I am not. This time I was only a little in synch. Here is my . . . → Read More: Eurotrash