Home Alone

The girls have become afraid to be left alone. I blame a bunch of movies, the home alone series and particularly baby’s day out. They are now afraid some thieves will come and kidnap them and won’t even let us be an a different floor. This is what happens in baby’s day out. . . . → Read More: Home Alone

Video Sunday – 2011 November 6 – People Fear Change

By Stilgherrian

Tweeting your way out of Paranoia from Stilgherrian on Vimeo.

gt3 update


A few things:

I had to break heavily coming down a hill at speed. The back felt like it started to slide out. At first I was surprised. It did not make a sliding noise. the only guess i have come up with is that I lifted the rear wheel off the ground. . . . → Read More: gt3 update

A terrible place for children

I used to do a bit of geocaching. When doing this, I’d take my camera around and take photos of the places we cached. Often the caches were in somewhere interesting to make the caching more interesting. But there was a down side. People, particularly in the hills district are fearful of people with cameras. . . . → Read More: A terrible place for children