The dogs

Since we have moved in we had had a series of problems with the dogs. Mostly the big dogs. We had a dog run built. But there was a long shake down period as the dogs escaped from various places and we worked out where the places were and patched them. Mostly they . . . → Read More: The dogs

A long paddock

A very short dream

A group of hobby farmers. There is an unspecified problem and they want one of the other farmers to install a second gate to their property. But they are a bit embarrassed to ask.

They do ask. The farmer thinks it is a bit odd. One of . . . → Read More: A long paddock

Free GreenHome program for City of Ryde

The Australian Conservation Foundation used one of my images. It is of a fence on Victoria Road in Ryde. I spent a bit of time when taking the photo to ensure that you could not see the road.

. . . → Read More: Free GreenHome program for City of Ryde

throwing stones

NSW has a problem with people throwing stones which does not exist in other state. What is wrong with these people? The problem is so great that the state government thinks that it is necessary to put up fences over the freeways. I am not sure how this helps as a stone thrower . . . → Read More: throwing stones

The Cage Walk

Maybe it should be called the cage rather than the coat hanger. I love the title Cage Walk

“Sydney” by yewenyi [?]

Living in a prison

A long time ago people, in Melbourne talked of living within glass walls. To give the impression of having freedom, while not having that much freedom. The Melbourne I remember as a child was one of high brick walls topped with barbed wire. But most of these walls have been pulled down. This . . . → Read More: Living in a prison

The Cage

When I lived in Melbourne I used to ride my bike into town. I rode down Footscray Road, past the Melbourne Docklands. It was a place of high brick walls topped with barbed wire. I really hated the ambience of the place. I was pleased to see that those walls have all now . . . → Read More: The Cage

a fence and a tunnel

This is another old one. From the later 1980’s or the early 1990’s.

There is a ridge line of dirt. It is brown. Along the top is a ver well made barbed wire fence, the kind with mesh below and barbed wire strung in strands along the top. Though it does not seem to have . . . → Read More: a fence and a tunnel

APEC fences

Well a lot has been made of the APEC fences. But now that I have been into town and seen them for myself I can clearly say that the fences are erected to protect those using the roads from those on the footpaths. Very strange. They are there to protect the leaders from the public . . . → Read More: APEC fences