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Australia: IAG welcomes improved access to flood risk data

They used my image of a house in Gympie. We got stuck there for two nights as the Bruce Highway was closed south bound. It really should have been closed north bound too. On the day we were there a local man took us . . . → Read More: Prevention Web – Photo Usage

Mount Morgan to Biloela by bus

it rained all night. I got up at about 4 or 5 AM to go to the toilet. There were people up and about. One camper near me was going up the hill as his tent was leaking, it had been wet from the night before and he needed to go into some . . . → Read More: Mount Morgan to Biloela by bus

Water in Paddington

Well, I stayed back at work later that I normally do. On leaving I saw that there were lots of cars in the back streets between Moore Park Road and Oxford Street. I decided to ride down the hill form Oxford Street to Moore Park Road, fully expecting the latter to be closed, . . . → Read More: Water in Paddington


It has not rained much in the last few years, perhaps since I have lived here. But at last the rain has started. This is the Sydney I remembered from visiting before I lived here. The streets cannot cope with the rain and much water sit on or runs across the roads. Having lived in . . . → Read More: rain

Warning: Flood will go on your permanent record.

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A land of flooding rains

The three of us started out from Yeppoon in the morning. The rains had continued and there were many reports of flooding. We had to use some back roads as the main highway was underwater. South of Rockhampton there was a section of flooded road with about 200 meters of road underwater. We . . . → Read More: A land of flooding rains

Ruinous Flood in Fish River, William Balgowan flees for his life

This is about my third great grand father, William James Balgowan who had purchased the property at Dryburgh many years before. We visited the property in the mid 2000’s. If I am remembering correctly the farm buildings were swept away 3 times before someone had the sense to rebuild them further up the . . . → Read More: Ruinous Flood in Fish River, William Balgowan flees for his life