Observation Tuesdays – creation myths

For a long time the earthlings needed to have fictional creation myths. Be it a snake, god or gods. But then they learned that these myths were not true because science worked out a theory. The theory still has holes. But unlike the myths it is not simply a fiction.

Praying and selling

A man wrote on Facebook today: “…and it for some reason it wasn’t in any searches etc. So instead of fixing it, i prayed about it, and it some hw was sold, despite not being listed. So umm yeah praise God…”. So how do you know if god influenced the sale? Well here is a . . . → Read More: Praying and selling

Yap Temple

I was wandering around Georgetown with our little group. We were heading to a temple. While looking for it we came to the Yap family temple. I am suspicious that some of the others knew it was there. But I did not know it existed. So I went inside to have a look. . . . → Read More: Yap Temple

god speed

I was watching a shuttle launch live a month or two back. One of the controllers said, god speed. I wondered how fast god speed might be: 888 kmh perhaps? (I was really really tempted to say 666 kmh) The boorish Americans on line did not get the joke. Really there is no place for . . . → Read More: god speed


I had a dream like the scream painting. There was an Indian woman. A wind came up and her skin and flesh was blown away, from inside her head. She was left looking like the woman in the painting. I would have none of this and reversed the dream. There were many happy Indian . . . → Read More: scream!

Fake Landings on the Moon


I was watching a Mythbusters episode. They said that 20% of Americans believe that the moon landings were fake and then set about disproving the conspiracy theories. While I totally agree with Mythbusters on this, I think that they are fighting an uphill battle. You see I think that the people . . . → Read More: Fake Landings on the Moon

The jury returned a verdict of died by the visitation of God.

My in-law, poor old George Erby died after a visitation from god while playing cricket.

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