Greenway Petition

Attend if you can.

Dear All 10,500 signatures have been collected for the GreenWay petition. Congratulations to the Friends of the GreenWay for coordinating this. The petition is being presented to Carmel Tebbutt at the NSW Parliament House next Wednesday: 11:00am Wednesday 15 February 2011. (Barring last-minute parliamentary interruption). Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Video Sunday – 2011 May 29

The GreenWay – an urban green corridor in Sydney’s Inner West

Well they are to build the cycle way, but the labour government whimped out and decided not to spend $3.5 million on the cycleway along one section. I’d have to expect the liberal government to be worse when it comes to such . . . → Read More: Video Sunday – 2011 May 29

Greenway Festival Day

Various bugs organised various rides as part of the Greenway day. We (Bike Marrickville) rode from Newtown, down to the Cooks River and then up the cooks river trail, stopping at Adora Chocolates to taste some chocolates, before riding up to the Greenway. On the way we met some of the riders from . . . → Read More: Greenway Festival Day

Greenway and light rail

For those of you who are interested: The Greenway and Light rail extension is by far the most significant cycling infrastructure project of our region. Please participate as much as you can. I cannot make the meeting in Dulwich Hill as I will be on holidays.

Attached is info of ‘Further Consultation’ over the next . . . → Read More: Greenway and light rail

Light Rail Meeting

I went down to the light rail meeting at the Dulwich Hill high school, prompted by both the DHBC and the Friends of the Greenway.

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Troubles with the greenway

It seems that in it’s haste to push through the light rail to Dulwich Hill, the state government has forgotten to include the greenway. So I have written a short letter to my local member, the minister for transport and the premier. This is the first time I have done this.I chose not . . . → Read More: Troubles with the greenway