Why we were late

We were ready to leave but Teresa didn’t want to get dressed

We were ready to leave but then it was lunch time and Brian thought we should have lunch

We were ready to leave but Kirsten decided that the dogs needed a walk and they escaped. Luckily a . . . → Read More: Why we were late

2011 August 24

A shot taken while riding to work.


Scorcher TY-2GT

Well, I got three new tyres. This time I chose to go with the Greenspeed Kevlar Lines Scorchers. So far my findings are:

They, like thier unarmoured cousins, give a much nicer ride than the small, hard, Schwalbe Marathon Plus. I was able to put the tyres on with out tyre leavers for the first . . . → Read More: Scorcher TY-2GT

Tampering and theft

On Saturday night or Sunday (27/28 Novemeber) morning someone came into the car park. They stole the front wheel off the kiddie trailer which has upset the children very much. They also tried to dismantle the trike. I do not know why. They took off the rear rack, disconnected one gear cable and . . . → Read More: Tampering and theft

CQ training ride #2

In the end I did 92.23 km, but it did not always seem like it would happen. I headed out on the DHBC Saturday slows, but only did two laps and then stopped for coffee. At the most I would have done three laps, I have been able to do 5. After this . . . → Read More: CQ training ride #2

eWaste Trip II

Well my second, and for now the last trip to eWaste. I dropped of an old DVD player, my broken amp and vacuum cleaner and blender, the last tho which are missing important bits. Last night at about 1:40 am three youths broken into our underground car park. They stole my head-lamp and . . . → Read More: eWaste Trip II

A ham radio and solar pannel on a gt3

This guy in the states has a faring with a solar panel and a ham radio behind the seat of a GT3. I have been considering getting such a panel but putting it on the trailer. For one thing the fairings are quite expensive at over $500 and I am not sure if . . . → Read More: A ham radio and solar pannel on a gt3

eWaste Trip

I missed the last one, but finally I made it to the recycling eWaste collection day. It is run every quarter by Marrickville Council. I took my old microwave (very old and no longer used as it does not fit in the microwave hole) and the old oil heater on the radical design . . . → Read More: eWaste Trip

New Bike Bits

Well I went on a bit of a spending frenzy this week. One thing is still in the post and a couple are on the bike already.

. . . → Read More: New Bike Bits

Parramatta to Windsor

I met Brendan the other day in Redfern. He was riding a Greenspeed GTO. As we were heading approximately in the same direction we rode together for a while and then agreed to do some rides together. This was our first ride together and the first ride I have done in Sydney with . . . → Read More: Parramatta to Windsor