Beyond the Sea

Well, I never knew about this in 2004 Grant Olding arranged for a musical about Hannah Stanley and her friend, who were sentenced to death for stealing in London and later transported to NSW. Hannah is my third great grand mother.

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Who do you think you are?

Last night on SBS was a TV show about AFL announcer Dennis Cometti. He and I share a great great great grand-mother – the convict Hannah Stanley. She is our direct line maternal grandmother. So all of my relatives, descended from Lorna Marks, are also cousins of Dennis.

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Hannah Stanley's day in court

Well, my great… grand mother, Hannah Stanley, spent a day in court as a witness. I wonder how she felt and how this effected her testimony as she herself had been sentenced to death for theft and then had that sentence transmuted to 14 years transportation to NSW. She never returned.

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