Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 22

Well, the lovely Kate brought this one to my attention. I think it perhaps shows better than I could ever say my view of what Christianity should be against what it actually is.

Bullying Tactics

In the last 12 months I have been subject to much more bullying that used to be the case. It seems that Australia is becoming a land of bullies. Here are some examples, they are mostly to do with fear of the Internet.

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Impact of the trike

at the boss' kebab shop

Well the trike continues to generate responses. People react in strange ways to the new and unusual.

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A warning to people from Perth when visiting Sydney

There are at least some people in Sydney HATE WESTIES. If you state that you are proud to be a westie, they will think that you are a stupid person who likes throwing bottles at cars. They will not take the sensible way out and think, oh, look there is a flaw in my belief, . . . → Read More: A warning to people from Perth when visiting Sydney

disliking the lebanese

This has mostly stopped now, but when I first came to Sydney in 1997 and for many years there after, there was a vicious hatred of the lebanese community in particular and arabs in general particularly in the media and from politicians.