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快樂的人生佛學講座-葉 文 意老

星期天跑到屯門大會堂…哈第一次到這地方…我足不出新界…當然是被在佛事界愛戴的葉文意老師的講座吸引…葉老師講經多年..廣結喜善緣.. Sunday … Tuen Mun Town Hall went to Kazakhstan to the first place … I … of course the home is the New Territories in the southwest sector of the context of the love of seminars to attract teachers of teachers Lecture years … .. forming Hi good fortune ..

作為一個佛教家庭成員,,又是皈依五戒弟子..能夠跟葉老師結緣..聽她講經..真是獲益良多…增修智慧…. 衍空法師出生香港,在香港及日本接受中小學教育,在美國取得電腦 . . . → Read More: 快樂的人生佛學講座-葉 文 意老

My counterpart in HK again.


Radio 5 “air locally” program, thousands of air preaching, the degree of countless affinity, every Sunday the sound of law spread to radio drama interpretation of Buddhism, in-depth family. This year, the program entered the 20th year, in order to commemorate this meaningful day, the 5th Hong Kong and . . . → Read More: My counterpart in HK again.

An interesting little story about yewenyi… The leaf scholar

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培德,”冯伯伯说:“香港叶文意居士刚才打长途电话来,有人托她打来的,有些事情要请你帮帮忙。 Cultivates Germany, “Uncle Feng said: “Hong Kong Ye Wenyi the scholar made the long-distance telephone call to come a moment ago, some people held her to hit, some matters needed to ask you to help.

叶文意居士是香港著名的佛学学者之一,在香港电台上讲“空中结缘”佛经故事及于中文大学讲佛学。 Ye Wenyi the scholars are one of . . . → Read More: An interesting little story about yewenyi… The leaf scholar

葉文意 – Radio Anouncer

One of the people with the same name as me in Chinese (葉文意) is a radio announcer in HK. You can follow this link to a page in Chinese. Select the link to listen to the radio show. The show is in Cantonese.

This is the first of the Buddhist . . . → Read More: 葉文意 – Radio Anouncer