Slimefest 2014

We headed up to Sydney again to take Milla and the girls to Slimefest for Milla’s birthday.

This time we put the dogs into the Coldstream Animal Shelter for kennelling. I took the dogs up there. When I got there the noise was so loud from the other dogs barking. The . . . → Read More: Slimefest 2014

Observation Tuesdays – Melbourne Cup

The advantage of being in Melbourne for Melbourne Cup is that you get a holiday and you can completely ignore the race because you don’t have to go to some work function and watch the thing while eating food and drinking alcohol. I spent my whole life ignoring the Melbourne Cup. I have never been . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – Melbourne Cup

Armidale to Marrickville

We packed up in the morning, taking our time a bit and then drove back to Marrickville. (Photos on Flickr)

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A day of rest and relaxation

In the morning I headed down to Sunnybank Station to pick up Kirsten and Krysta who had travelled up overnight on the train. It was in many ways reminiscent of my holidays in Caloundra.

We then spent the day lounging around at home with Tanya and her kids. . . . → Read More: A day of rest and relaxation

Cycle Queensland 2010 – Gin Gin to Bundaberg

Got up early like everyone else. Rode into Bundaberg. Massive headwind for second half. On the way one of the tandems with a kid had some technical problems and Jasmine moved into a trailer while a boy moved onto the back of Adrian’s tandem. But later they seemed to have fixed the problem.

. . . → Read More: Cycle Queensland 2010 – Gin Gin to Bundaberg

Travellers Home

The people who ran the Traveller’s Home were very nice. The Swiss woman who owned it. The Malay man who ran it and the staff. Most of the people there were nice and I travelled in the park with two of the nicest Germans I had met. I had been booked ahead, something . . . → Read More: Travellers Home

Walking to the Pass

After dinner we went down to the beach and went for a walk to The Pass as the sun set.

. . . → Read More: Walking to the Pass


anzac day

Well I feel a bit foolish and annoyed. Foolish because I got caught out by the public holiday on a Saturday, rather than the following Monday. The bike shop was closed. And Annoyed because I told the man in the bike shop yesterday that I would go there today, and he did . . . → Read More: Foolish

day 2 – The Great Wall – 6 Nov 2006

I have no idea what we did in the morning. I certainly do not appear to have taken any photos. In the afternoon we headed out to SiMaTai. It seems that this place has caused much confusion to cause people to think that I went to SiMaSai in Thailand. But that is another story. 

This . . . → Read More: day 2 – The Great Wall – 6 Nov 2006

Dalian - (大连)

After the overnight trip on the Dain ferry, I arrived in Dalian. It was quite a surprise. A very modern Chinese city. But still incredibly Chinese. I had decided that I needed a few days to get my bearing in China, even though I had been there twice before. Firstly I wandered to see how . . . → Read More: Dalian – (大连)