Video Sunday – 2011 August 21

A nice ride form Dulwich Hill to Prospect via Homebush.

CQ training ride #2

In the end I did 92.23 km, but it did not always seem like it would happen. I headed out on the DHBC Saturday slows, but only did two laps and then stopped for coffee. At the most I would have done three laps, I have been able to do 5. After this . . . → Read More: CQ training ride #2

Bents and Folders Ride

the narrows

Bicycle Shrine

Today I went on the Bents and Folders Ride with Bike North. They met at Meadowbank wharf, which was quite a ride. I could have ridden it in 16 km on roads, but I chose to use the Cooks River Bike Track to get there in 23 . . . → Read More: Bents and Folders Ride

A walk around Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay

The next major walk is around bicentennial Park in Sydney Olympic park. This used to be an industrial and military area. With the Olympics in 2000, the land was reclaimed and rehabilitated. These images are thumbnail images that point at medium size images on Flickr and there you can also see full sized versions . . . → Read More: A walk around Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay