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The dogs

Since we have moved in we had had a series of problems with the dogs. Mostly the big dogs. We had a dog run built. But there was a long shake down period as the dogs escaped from various places and we worked out where the places were and patched them. Mostly they . . . → Read More: The dogs

a bad smell

grease trap remover

This morning when I went down stairs into the underground car park, there was a bad smell. A bit like sewerage. I thought oh dear, the sewerage is leaking somewhere… But then as I exited the car park the reason became obvious. JJ Richardson, Grease Trap Cleaner had probably . . . → Read More: a bad smell

A dream in many parts

This dream occurred for the first time, except for the last part where it seemed to be a continuation of a previous dream.

I have just ridden to this place on my trike. I was invited to return here. There is a very tall narrow kitchen. Like two stories . . . → Read More: A dream in many parts

167 Arthurton Road Northcote

In 1991 I purchased this property. I had the intention of making renovations while living in it. But during the settlement period I moved to Adelaide. After 18 months there I came back to Melbourne. For a while I house sat a friends house in West Melbourne, before moving to Kallista. My work friends called . . . → Read More: 167 Arthurton Road Northcote

catching a tram

I am in a house in a street near where I live. But I now live in this house. The people in the house are people who I have never known. The house is a two story terrace house in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. I try to talk to the people. This does . . . → Read More: catching a tram

a mountain village in Japan

This dream eventually came about as an extension to another dream. It happened in the time before I went to Japan.

I am standing on a road. Sometimes I seem to have been on a bicycle. I am up in the Japanese Alps. There is a mountain road, well made and in good condition, leading . . . → Read More: a mountain village in Japan