star trek

Well today I made a post on facebook about star trek. So I will write my view of what roddenbury was doing:

Federation = USA . . . → Read More: star trek


People in Sydney are often like little robots. If you mention a country you will automatically get some basically racist response.

It is impossible in Sydney to talk about New Zealand without some stupid dork mentioning sheep. It is impossible in Sydney to talk about vending machines in Japan without some stupid dork mentioning teenage . . . → Read More: Impossibilities


This dream only just occurred.

I am in a place with nice 50s style wood seating and paneling trimmed with inserted green leather for cushions. There is a woman sitting opposite me. She is Japanese. She is being very friendly, but in a prescribed formulaic way. I think that this is a bit odd. I . . . → Read More: MacDonalds

disliking the Japanese

Sometimes when I say I would like to live in Japan (which I would, at least for a while), I get very strongly negative responses. People here do not like this. They seem to think that it would mean that they have to behave in ways that they do not want to. I think that . . . → Read More: disliking the Japanese

a short history of modern japan


Japan was a medieval world who’s leaders were unwilling to change. Some people wanted change and actively sought it. When the Americans forced change they took the opportunity and said never again will another country do this to us. So they built a big army, navy and later airforce. Some time later some . . . → Read More: a short history of modern japan

快樂的人生佛學講座-葉 文 意老

星期天跑到屯門大會堂…哈第一次到這地方…我足不出新界…當然是被在佛事界愛戴的葉文意老師的講座吸引…葉老師講經多年..廣結喜善緣.. Sunday … Tuen Mun Town Hall went to Kazakhstan to the first place … I … of course the home is the New Territories in the southwest sector of the context of the love of seminars to attract teachers of teachers Lecture years … .. forming Hi good fortune ..

作為一個佛教家庭成員,,又是皈依五戒弟子..能夠跟葉老師結緣..聽她講經..真是獲益良多…增修智慧…. 衍空法師出生香港,在香港及日本接受中小學教育,在美國取得電腦 . . . → Read More: 快樂的人生佛學講座-葉 文 意老

An American man eating on the streets of Naha.

Where I was staying there was this American man who had traveled down to Naha from the main islands of Japan for some special reason. I did not know what it was.

We headed out for dinner in the evening. As I remember we bought a meal each from a vending . . . → Read More: An American man eating on the streets of Naha.

Arriving in Naha

I arrived in Naha by overnight boat from Keelung. As I came through immigration at the port there were about 5 men, boys really, dressed in blue uniforms. One asked me where I had been. I told him Taiwan. He then asked me where in Taiwan. I listed of the list of places . . . → Read More: Arriving in Naha

a mountain village in Japan

This dream eventually came about as an extension to another dream. It happened in the time before I went to Japan.

I am standing on a road. Sometimes I seem to have been on a bicycle. I am up in the Japanese Alps. There is a mountain road, well made and in good condition, leading . . . → Read More: a mountain village in Japan