Kallista Kinda BBQ

Kirsten put me down for a session 13:00 to 15:00 at the Bayswater Bunnings for the Kallista Kindergarten BBQ fundraiser.

Luckily she noticed I was trying to go on Saturday rather than Sunday.

I arrived a little late as Krysta decided to come just as I was about to . . . → Read More: Kallista Kinda BBQ

Working bees

The Sherbrooke Community School working bee was supposed to be the weekend before, but it was postponed a week, I am told because a meeting did not happen.

I ended up doing two working bees on weekend. The first working bee was at the Kallista Kindergarten. The day was overcast and . . . → Read More: Working bees

Kallista Kinda Working Bee

Just like last year, I wandered up to the Kallista Kindergarten for the start of the year working bee. This year, I brought some tools and ended up using the shovel.

They had a couple of piles of much to spread around the kinda. I guess about 20 parents were there. . . . → Read More: Kallista Kinda Working Bee