Burglary Rate

We will soon be moving from Kalorama to Monbulk. I was talking to a woman in the bus. She was horrified and advised that we get good locks and maybe even an alarm system as Monbulk is very much more at risk than Kalorama.

Doing some research on the internet I . . . → Read More: Burglary Rate

Kalorama to Lawson

We drove again to Lawson in one go. We are getting better at it. Though an 11 hour drive still takes us 17 hours. The girls are getting used to long drives and the promise of their cousin and nan are good attractors.

We made the customary stops at HMAS Otway and the Dog . . . → Read More: Kalorama to Lawson

Chestnut Festival

Last year we wandered down to the chestnut festival at Kalorama Reserve because it was close and we could walk there. Also it was to check it out and hopefully the kids would have a good time.

After much organising by Kirsten, this year we had a stall for the Sherbrooke . . . → Read More: Chestnut Festival

Snakes in Kalorama

We were wondering what snakes live in our area. We back onto the Doongalla Forest, a part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park and there is some paranoia about such things. I found a web site (Bioinformatics) that splits Melbourne up into grid squares so we can look for the snakes that naturally . . . → Read More: Snakes in Kalorama

Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 29

Kalorama to Melbourne Airport Travel Options

There are 4 ways that I can see to get from Five Ways in Kalorama to the airport when using public transport. They vary from the very quick and expensive to the very slow and cheap and the journey gets cheaper the longer it takes. . . . → Read More: Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 29

A Quiet Day

We had a quiet day. In the afternoon I took Krysta and Milla down to the park to play. They played first at the park in Kalorama, but really it was designed for larger children, so we then went down to the park in Montrose. Though Krysta was unhappy about that. Kirsten . . . → Read More: A Quiet Day

Breakfast and Lunch

It was a day for meeting people. In the morning I met John and Robyn for the first time at the Ripe Cafe in Sassafras. I think partly as this was part way between where we all lived. I think I agree with what is generally said about this place on the web. The food . . . → Read More: Breakfast and Lunch