Observation Tuesdays – Dislike the Most

The other day Krysta asked what I disliked the most. We compared notes.

What I disliked the most about people was their propensity to go around killing each other. What Krysta dislikes the most about people is their propensity to smoke substances.

Exceptional Logic

Both the girls came up with beautiful, but annoying, logic statements on the weekend to justify their actions.

Teresa did not want to eat lasagne because lasagne is not real. It goes like this. Garfield likes lasagne. Garfield is a cartoon. Garfield is therefore not real. Therefore lasagne is not real. . . . → Read More: Exceptional Logic

killing terrorists in their sleep


people in the western suburbs of Sydney (say around 2003-2004) who think that, in a game we were playing, where we were the americans, decided that it was ok to burst into a building and kill people in their sleep on the grounds that they were probably muslim terrorists. I find the whole . . . → Read More: killing terrorists in their sleep