50th birthdays and House Warming

I didn’t end up having a party for my 50th mostly because I was in the middle of moving from Marrickville to Kalorama and it was just too hard.

We talked then of having a party when I was 51 and Kirsten 49 as it would be a be century. But . . . → Read More: 50th birthdays and House Warming

Mother’s Day

After finally putting the new tyres on Kirsten’s (my old Giant) bike and to remove the rear mudguard as the tyre were bigger, we rode down the only bike track in Monbulk into town for a Mother’s Day lunch.

One advantage of having the girls is that we can ride on . . . → Read More: Mother’s Day

The Fortune Hut

Kirsten and I finally made it for dinner to the Fortune Hut. We had tried before, but it is not open on Saturdays so we could not get there with out the kids, and I am reluctant to take Krysta because she will not even try foods.

The first dish I . . . → Read More: The Fortune Hut

Why we were late

We were ready to leave but Teresa didn’t want to get dressed

We were ready to leave but then it was lunch time and Brian thought we should have lunch

We were ready to leave but Kirsten decided that the dogs needed a walk and they escaped. Luckily a . . . → Read More: Why we were late

Save Our Tigers

Day one of the Save Our Tigers. A fundraiser holiday program activity organised by Pauline where the kids painted stuff to be put in the shipping container to be sent to Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, India for a tiger watch education center. We were at Olinda Primary School and St Matthew’s Church. We had . . . → Read More: Save Our Tigers

Doing Stuff

We had a day of doing things. I took Krysta to school. Then we went down and dropped Teresa at childcare. I then dropped Kirsten off at Swinbune Uni before headed to do some shopping in Chirnside Park.

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Visiting Relatives

Kirsten’s Step Father, Vlad, came over to visit. We chatted for quite a while.

Playhouses and Performances

We were meant to go to the show. But the weather was abysmal. So we went to the Club Kids Playhouse & Cafe instead. The kids were very disappointed. But put on a brave face. They loved the playground.

In the evening they did a performance of their own making.

. . . → Read More: Playhouses and Performances

Monbulk Preschool Concert 2010

The end of year concert for Monbulk Preschool. The kids went in before we did. I knew a bit of what would happen as I had been to the rehearsal. But still my position was not perfect and as the first attempt at a video shoot on the D60, I was not sure . . . → Read More: Monbulk Preschool Concert 2010

Lunch in Faulconbridge

The four of us headed up to Faulconbridge and met Angellika at the Lindsay’s cafe. We had lunch there. The food was good.

After lunch we had a look at the ducklings and wandered around the house and gardens. The ducks were being uncooperative. As the kids approached . . . → Read More: Lunch in Faulconbridge