Reconnoitring Point Nepean

Being from the unfashionable western suburbs I had never been to remote locations like Point Nepean. The opportunity to head down there with the older girls, who I managed to convince it was a good idea as it was an opportunity to be taken up.

Sadly we had quite a late . . . → Read More: Reconnoitring Point Nepean

A day of near disasters and much frustration

The bad weather started on Monday. It was late July before the first proper winter storm hit. It continued into Tuesday.

I had taken the day off. Kirsten had to go to the Supreme Court. Krysta had a dance exam.

In the morning Kirsten headed out in the car . . . → Read More: A day of near disasters and much frustration

Recording Session

One advantage of the girls going to singing lessons is that get a short recording session in the studio where they learn.

Mother’s Day

After finally putting the new tyres on Kirsten’s (my old Giant) bike and to remove the rear mudguard as the tyre were bigger, we rode down the only bike track in Monbulk into town for a Mother’s Day lunch.

One advantage of having the girls is that we can ride on . . . → Read More: Mother’s Day

Krysta Working

I did not have enough leave, so I had to work. Krysta and I headed into town. She was very excited and happy and proud. We caught my normal bus at 6:32 am and went down to Croydon and then the train to Parliament. At work she got a pass and went through the electronic . . . → Read More: Krysta Working

Video Sunday – Rubber Band Boats

Krysta went to one of the holiday program functions at the MCF and made rubber band powered boat. She brought it home and showed her engineering prowess.

Observation Tuesdays – iPhone and the kid’s descriptions

I do a few things on my iPhone that when the children describe them surprise the living daylights out of me.

Krysta said once when she wanted something demanded that I have to “put it in my phone”. I stood there dumbfounded. How could I do that? My phone is not a bag. . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – iPhone and the kid’s descriptions

Observation Tuesdays – Krysta TV

Krysta comes home and loudly crud put how boring the tv shows I like watching are in order that I might turn them off and let her watch the shows she wants to.

Why we were late

We were ready to leave but Teresa didn’t want to get dressed

We were ready to leave but then it was lunch time and Brian thought we should have lunch

We were ready to leave but Kirsten decided that the dogs needed a walk and they escaped. Luckily a . . . → Read More: Why we were late

Save Our Tigers

Day one of the Save Our Tigers. A fundraiser holiday program activity organised by Pauline where the kids painted stuff to be put in the shipping container to be sent to Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, India for a tiger watch education center. We were at Olinda Primary School and St Matthew’s Church. We had . . . → Read More: Save Our Tigers