Luna Bar

We went up to the Luna Bar to have a look at the view and have a drink. Caught a cab to get there. Then into the hotel and up the lift. I was first out and I thought we were in the wrong place, for I had come out into a construction . . . → Read More: Luna Bar

Durien, Sting Ray, Lime Juice and other good stuff

We went back to Jalan Alor for a dinner. We wandered along the road. I have a moderate ability to pick randomly good places, but Helen and Minh have super natural powers in this regard and I think I had what was on the whole, the best meal and dinner combination of the . . . → Read More: Durien, Sting Ray, Lime Juice and other good stuff

Picking up the car

We headed down to Mid City in a cab to pick up our car. Arriving with time to spare we wandered the shopping centre. I was becoming bored with the shopping centres as they all had the same shops. We then headed into an office tower for Billy to sign the papers so . . . → Read More: Picking up the car

Nomad Hotel

The first time in KL, I stayed with the others in the Nomad Hotel.

Hakka Restaurant

Our first meal was at the Hakka Restaurant. I had seen it when I had been in Malaysia in February, but I did not go there because I was on my own. It was not far from our hotel and Billy agreed to my request to go to this restaurant. I thought the . . . → Read More: Hakka Restaurant

Lunch at KLCC

After our overnight flight we headed off from our hotel to KLCC Food Hall in Petronas Twin Towers for lunch. We walked because I wanted to, but the others are a bit lazy and after that we used the cab. Later we had our own car anyway. A short walk took us down . . . → Read More: Lunch at KLCC

Walking to KLCC

We walked from our hotel to KLCC. I think this was the only time we walked. The others did not like walking 🙁 We walked through the embassy district, stopped at a local shopping centre to change money. I only ever carry cash as an emergency backup. I use the ATM’s which work . . . → Read More: Walking to KLCC

D72723 Melbourne To Kuala Lumpur

Well, this was easily the cheapest way to fly from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. We went on Air Asia X a low cost airline. We arrived early on the airport bus after wandering around Melbourne and had to wait for a while until the check-in counter opened.

. . . → Read More: D72723 Melbourne To Kuala Lumpur

Pinging the pacific from Malaysia

Here is the path followed from Kuala Lumpur to the Federates States of Micronesia: it goes: KL, Singapore, Osaka, San Francisco, Hawaii and then satellite to Micronesia.

. . . → Read More: Pinging the pacific from Malaysia

Motorcycles and Cake

Well these are not really related topic. About the only thing that relates them is that I took the two photos on the same day. I am guessing that Tukar tiub has something to do with scooter repair shops. And they were advertising on this traffic contol box. It was near the rear door of . . . → Read More: Motorcycles and Cake