Maps in Malaysia

I used the AGL3080 GPS to record where I went. I had a few problems. A memory error on one day. When this happens I have to wait until I can down load the files before resetting the unit or the files I already have are lost. Also on more than a few . . . → Read More: Maps in Malaysia

Dinner at the Restaurant Tuck Kee

Well we headed out into the night and I had the delight of having dinner with a smaller selection of my relatives as the others had headed back to their homes in other parts of Malaysia. This place was famous for its roast plate. It has Chinese sausage, two types of roast port . . . → Read More: Dinner at the Restaurant Tuck Kee

Lunch at the Ipoh Royal Golf Course

Well we headed into the golf course. I did not think we would be allowed in. But we were. I had to sign the registry book and they wanted me to sign as I was from overseas. After some photos with pictures of the Royal Family, we headed upstairs and had a small . . . → Read More: Lunch at the Ipoh Royal Golf Course

Breakfast in the old town

I headed with my cousin Victor and Tan Phaik Har,down to the old town for breakfast. I insisted on a small easy breakfast and that is what we had. It was very good.

. . . → Read More: Breakfast in the old town

A few days in Ipoh

I spent a few days with my cousins, wandering Ipoh, visiting various temples. Here are just some shots taken while wandering around. We also stopped at the train station. They were having problems with their ticketing system so we got a number, decided it would be at least an hour and a half . . . → Read More: A few days in Ipoh

Dinner with Victor

We headed north and had dinner with my dad’s old friend, Victor. He seemed quite pleased to see me, and I was pleased to see him.

On the Road around Ipoh

As we travelled around we spent a bit of time on the road. We saw a Hindu parade. They were taking the idol (I do not know if this is correct) to the temple or on a walk. We also passes what is the only old dredge left in the area. The tin . . . → Read More: On the Road around Ipoh

Kellies Castle

Well in the end we were filling in time before the next meal. But given how terribly British kitsch this place is, Kellies Castle is quite a surprising bit of architecture and bit of former colonial glory. The problem with most of the good architecture in Malaysia that I saw is that it . . . → Read More: Kellies Castle

A day at Menglembu

Well this was what the trip was all about. Meeting he family and going to the places where my Father and Grandparents had lived. So many little snippets of information. With the Genealogy I had done on my mums tree, I knew to expect conflicting stories, often based on simple misinterpretations. I had . . . → Read More: A day at Menglembu

Menglembu Market

After visiting the houses, we stopped at the Menglembu Market and purchased a few things. I guess that this market was probably there when my father lived in this town. But I’d also guess that there were servants to do the shopping. We wandered around. The food as always with these places was . . . → Read More: Menglembu Market