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Photo Mondays – 2011 December 19 – Checking the Map

An image I took while hiding under a tree in Glendalough, Ireland waiting for the rain to pass is reused as a backdrop part of a map in America for butterflies to do their migration.



. . . → Read More: Photo Mondays – 2011 December 19 – Checking the Map

Dream Tuesdays – 2011 August 31 – Map

An incredibly short dream.

A male voice shouts “we fucking don’t like your map!”. I wake up.

Maps in Malaysia

I used the AGL3080 GPS to record where I went. I had a few problems. A memory error on one day. When this happens I have to wait until I can down load the files before resetting the unit or the files I already have are lost. Also on more than a few . . . → Read More: Maps in Malaysia


I have a geo map page on the main menu bar that shows where the posts are about, for posts that are about a place. Sometimes I am now also adding a map on the post itself.

The ride to work

Well after the attempt to get to Waterfall on the weekend, I am now riding faster. But I have still been unable to break the 30 minute barrier on the way home. It takes me longer to get to work becuase it is up-hill. This time I was riding with another two-wheeled rider . . . → Read More: The ride to work

slowies ride

Today I went on the slowies bike ride with the Dulwich hill bicycle club. We started at Macs Bicycle shop on Marrickville road at 6:30 AM and rode to Centennial Park. Unfortunately I forgot to turn on the GPS so I only have the return trip. The others spent time riding around the park for . . . → Read More: slowies ride