Video Sundays – 2010 August 29

From now on, only these girls are allowed to do the news in Australia.

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A morning in Marrickville

It was quite an eventful morning in Marrickville. I woke at around three, heard the rain and decided not to go on this mornings Saturday Slowies Ride with the DHBC. As a result I got you quite late, after 8 AM, and headed out to hand out the smaller than I expected Marrickville . . . → Read More: A morning in Marrickville

Massbug and the 350

I previously wrote on the 350 Orienteering Rally, but completely forgot to talk about the 350 cyclists shots that Paul Boundy did. So here is the low down. Paul decided to take photos of 350 cyclists from the MASSBUG coverage area and beat his target with 380, though I know with a week to go . . . → Read More: Massbug and the 350




Brenda and Paul of MASSBUG both did a great job at organising the 350 orienteering rally and I hope they do some more. This is part of the 350 day of action to get the leaders of the world to set a long term CO2 target of 350 ppm. . . . → Read More: 350 POINTS ORIENTEERING RALLY SLOWDOWN

Ride to Brighton Le Sands



Massbug run a regular ride for beginners down to Brighton Le Sands. On the way I stopped for breakfast at one of the many cafes on Enmore Road. I am still trying the cafes one by one to have been to them all. I went along to help today, . . . → Read More: Ride to Brighton Le Sands

Riding to the Georges River



I went for a ride on the GT3 with Massbug down to Brighton Le Sands. We left the group here and headed south. I stopped taking photos as it started raining. It was a gentle ride, which is why we left, the pace was slow for the children. The . . . → Read More: Riding to the Georges River


pork chop

Well I had a bad day at work. I started off on the wrong foot. I caught the bus to work because it was raining. I really need to leave earlier if I am going to do this. Then I had a presentation that was very hard to understand what . . . → Read More: massbug