Is Monbulk part of Melbourne

We have discussed this a few times. Kirsten thinks we are a suburb of Melbourne. I think we are a country town.

Looking at the various different definitions, the whole of the Yarra ranges is part of metropolitan Melbourne. So much for the senselessness of using LGAs to define the place. . . . → Read More: Is Monbulk part of Melbourne

Observation Tuesdays – Travelling Backwards

A difference between Melbourne and Sydney: on the trains

People in Melbourne are used to sitting facing backwards to to direction of travel and think nothing of it. People in Sydney hate traveling backwards and make a huge fuss about it. It even threatens governments. . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – Travelling Backwards

Lunch @ China Bar

Quite some time ago Kirsten suggested I go to the China Bar to have lunch. But her directions were dodgy and I did not know where it was. Then the other day, at Chinese New Year we walked past it and she pointed it out.

So today, I headed down there . . . → Read More: Lunch @ China Bar


I got my personalised Myki today. I have decided that Sydney and nsw need this exact system. It would mean my one card works in both place and NSW would get a much improved ticketing system than the somewhat old and out of date one it has at the moment.

Exhibition at the NGV

Some of the local graffiti artists have an exhibition at the NGV called Space Invaders.

D72723 Melbourne To Kuala Lumpur

Well, this was easily the cheapest way to fly from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. We went on Air Asia X a low cost airline. We arrived early on the airport bus after wandering around Melbourne and had to wait for a while until the check-in counter opened.

. . . → Read More: D72723 Melbourne To Kuala Lumpur

Half a day in Melbourne

I flew before the others as I was on Jet Star and met them later in the day. A bit later than expected as Minh’s luggage managed to miss her aeroplane. I caught the fiendishly expensive airport bus into Southern Cross and proceeded to wander around town. I have not wandered around Melbourne . . . → Read More: Half a day in Melbourne

School Reunion


Well I went down for a PEGS school reunion. I did not take any photos at the reunion, I was busy catching up with people, most of whom I had not seen for between 30 and 36 years. In the morning I had breakfast at the Marrickville Road Cafe, walked to . . . → Read More: School Reunion


This dream occurred in the morning.


I am in a place. There are people sitting in two half circles, not quite joined. There are four people in each half circle, their heads bowed, they seem to be wearing black robes, but it could just be dark. I feel that . . . → Read More: sad

Belly dancers

One of the differences between Melbourne and Sydney people is that people in Sydney will always growl disapproval at belly dancers. We’re better than people who like things like that is what they say.