Krysta Working

I did not have enough leave, so I had to work. Krysta and I headed into town. She was very excited and happy and proud. We caught my normal bus at 6:32 am and went down to Croydon and then the train to Parliament. At work she got a pass and went through the electronic . . . → Read More: Krysta Working

Oshcare and Lyer Birds

I took Krysta off to Oshcare and then dropped Milla off at Robyns. As we had some time to kill between the two we stopped at Grant’s Picnic Ground and had the good fortune to see a Lyer Bird as well as the tamer birds there to be fed by the tourists.

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A Birthday for Angelika

I headed up tot he Blue Mountains. We had lunch at the Swiss Cottage in Katoomba for Angelika’s Birthday. To Milla’s horror I had the White Farm Rabbit. The food, was good, well made, but perhaps a bit to conservative for my liking. I will give it 3.5 out of 5. Certainly I . . . → Read More: A Birthday for Angelika

Winter Magic Festival 2011

I picked up Milla from her concert practice and then we headed up to the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. We missed the parade, but wandered around the market. Milla was a very keen participant in the Unicyclists performance. I bought some felt shoes as these had been sadly lacking from my life. . . . → Read More: Winter Magic Festival 2011

A Quiet Day

We had a quiet day. In the afternoon I took Krysta and Milla down to the park to play. They played first at the park in Kalorama, but really it was designed for larger children, so we then went down to the park in Montrose. Though Krysta was unhappy about that. Kirsten . . . → Read More: A Quiet Day

Playhouses and Performances

We were meant to go to the show. But the weather was abysmal. So we went to the Club Kids Playhouse & Cafe instead. The kids were very disappointed. But put on a brave face. They loved the playground.

In the evening they did a performance of their own making.

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