Inclement Weather

Another week if really inclement weather. A series of cold fronts rushed through bringing the cold straight from the great southern ocean. We had a couple of blackouts.

Here is a view of one front passing through from the floor I work on.

After the last . . . → Read More: Inclement Weather

Blackout take 2

Our second big blackout of the winter and the first overnight one.

Another set of fierce cold fronts moved through with more dire warnings from the BOM of damaging winds.

Kirsten was the first to know of this blackout. One of the dancers was from Monbulk College and said . . . → Read More: Blackout take 2

Is Monbulk part of Melbourne

We have discussed this a few times. Kirsten thinks we are a suburb of Melbourne. I think we are a country town.

Looking at the various different definitions, the whole of the Yarra ranges is part of metropolitan Melbourne. So much for the senselessness of using LGAs to define the place. . . . → Read More: Is Monbulk part of Melbourne

Fire Meeting

This year has not been a fire year. And this is a really late time to be having a meeting. Maybe the season which is only 11 days old will go on into February.

How to tell a weed from a plant

Last year we took a trailer full of holly and ivy down to a weed collection day. I said that to the people there that my problem was that my knowledge of plants was very poor and apart from the headline weeds I did not know which was a weed and which wasn’t. . . . → Read More: How to tell a weed from a plant

Crusty Nut Cafe

Krysta’s favourite cafe is the Crusty Nut Cafe in Monbulk. I came here to buy some chips as I had failed to find out the correct shop to purchase chips. Still, they were hot and good.

A day of “normal” things

I’m not exactly sure now what we did. I think we had a dress rehearsal and then Krysta and I wandered up to Monbulk and had lunch while Kirsten went off and did secret Kristen business. Well at least forgotten Kristen business. After lunch we met in the park down by the swimming . . . → Read More: A day of “normal” things

Little did I know

Little did I realise what would come of this. I had travelled to Melbourne. My mum did not want to pick me up because I was arriving around midnight. I had contacted some people, but it was a big ask, so I tried to concentrate on the ones I knew who would think . . . → Read More: Little did I know