Lunar Eclipse, 2010 July 26

There was a partial eclipse of the moon tonight. I took several images and have here included the images taken on half hour boundaries up to the peak of the eclipse.

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The week gone by – 1 Aug 2009

Probably a very sporadic set of things that happened in the last week.



A man using some dodgy maths but a generally sound idea, came up with the quote: Of course, we may not have discovered the evidence yet. And when we finally find the . . . → Read More: The week gone by – 1 Aug 2009

Full Moon Rising

I looked out the window to see the full moon rising, raced over to get my camera and tripod. It turns out that the moon was the closest it has been in years and also that the size is an optical illusion of the human vision system and on camera you see it at the . . . → Read More: Full Moon Rising

Fake Landings on the Moon


I was watching a Mythbusters episode. They said that 20% of Americans believe that the moon landings were fake and then set about disproving the conspiracy theories. While I totally agree with Mythbusters on this, I think that they are fighting an uphill battle. You see I think that the people . . . → Read More: Fake Landings on the Moon