Photo Mondays – 2012 April 30 – The Xian Muslims

The Muslims in Xian, who are officially known as the Hui ( 回族, حُوِ ذَو) people, have quite a different appearance and culture from the generic stereotype of a muslim in the west. Still they Follow their own version of the muslim faith and use Arabic writing in a Chinese world. The food they have . . . → Read More: Photo Mondays – 2012 April 30 – The Xian Muslims


I went to Butterworth twice. The first time to visit the bus terminal and train station, the second time, the next day, to catch the bus. For some reason I did not seem to take any photos of the bus terminal with my good camera. Though I have a few snaps with the . . . → Read More: Butterworth

Malaysians have to try harder…

Another reference to the Brian Yap who works for the New Straights Times. This time by an Australian called Kerry Collison.

In 1990, Malaysia was ranked fourth in the United Nations’ foreign direct investment ranking. Last year, we dropped to 62.

Interestingly the next article by Kerry says the following: ASIO has stepped . . . → Read More: Malaysians have to try harder…

Day 4 - Xian, November 2006

For the second time, I arrive in Xian on the Z19 train. This time in the reverse directions. With all the speed up plans for the rail system, the journey is about half the time. I remember it taking 25 hours the time before. Now it is overnight. We arriving in the morning light.

. . . → Read More: Day 4 – Xian, November 2006

Xian the first time

Strangely my drop down list has the title, thinking that it has been used before. But it does not exist in my blog. On my first trip to Xian several quite strange and unusual things happened. At the train station a man came up to me. He was a taxi driver. He wanted me to . . . → Read More: Xian the first time