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Pictures – September 2

A photos of a shop display in paddington.

Am image of a man on a poster in Newtown.


. . . → Read More: Pictures – September 2

Video Sunday – 2011 July 10

Apparently some evil people think this video is not suitable for those under 18.

A Dream of a writhing person

A new dream, never occurred before.

Grey background. A grown woman, skin red and orange wavy pattern. Looks like mud. No hair. No clothes. She is on her hands and knees. Face contorted with pain. No sound.

I reach down to pick her up. I have to be very careful not . . . → Read More: A Dream of a writhing person

World Naked Bike Ride

It was with some nervousness that I headed off on to Hyde Park to go on the World Naked Bike Ride. I rode along my usual route now, with the detour at Redfern where they are redoing the park. When I arrived there was a small collection of riders. More showed up over . . . → Read More: World Naked Bike Ride

the Bums Have it!

There must be someone in this street from Wicked Campers who lives in this street. Ever day there is a different van. I think I will have to start taking random photos of them. I do intend to rent one of these to visit a folk festival at easter as they are good . . . → Read More: the Bums Have it!


Apparently some stupid noggin thought that this statue of a boy should be wearing speedo’s, but the offending clothing has been removed. Yay!

. . . → Read More: sanity



a man says “even my wife doe not like to see me naked”. I think that this is very sad. Maybe he needs a marriage councillor.

no clothes

The BBC published this article – Europe delays airport X-ray eye. I think that the EU politicians have a point and am surprised it has been allowed in the prudish USA. Also, if it does use X-rays, aren’t they dangerous? I wonder what technology they do use. I did not bother to search the internet . . . → Read More: no clothes

Naked in Zurich

I had arranged to stay with a friend in Zurich. Leaving Stuttgart on the train I crossed into Switzerland. Now in my minds eye I had this view of zurich as a financial capital of the world. Which itself led me to expect to see men in pinstripe suits and thin leather brief . . . → Read More: Naked in Zurich