A day of packing at home and work

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2011 September 7

And still they were fixing the problems caused by the leak. Though they believe that they have fixed the leak after many decades of looking.

Water in Paddington

Well, I stayed back at work later that I normally do. On leaving I saw that there were lots of cars in the back streets between Moore Park Road and Oxford Street. I decided to ride down the hill form Oxford Street to Moore Park Road, fully expecting the latter to be closed, . . . → Read More: Water in Paddington

SPB and the Blender Gallery

With the first SBP meeting in a long time we went down to the Blender Gallery as one of the SPB meeting peoples had some photos in the meeting and after we had dinner at Arthur’s pizza restaurant. On the way home we walked down Oxford Street into town.

. . . → Read More: SPB and the Blender Gallery

The cat is watching over you

The cat is your master.

The cat cares for you.

Obey the cat!

The cat knows what is best.

The cat is on your side.

Obey the cat!

A long way from home

This particularly impressive truck had arrived all the way from Victoria.

A lunch at work

Sai-Ping, Raymond and the others are down from HK to do some work here for the week. So we headed out for a pub lunch. Well we went past what is no longer the Paddington Arms to find that the Grand National was closed, bypassed the London and ended up at the Paddington . . . → Read More: A lunch at work

BFF Party, Polo and Parking


Quite a day really. I started off by going to the picnic bbq in Alexandria. I had not paid enough attention before and did not take any meat. I think in one place it said to but in the other it did not. Anyway, I got to see some bicycle polo, . . . → Read More: BFF Party, Polo and Parking

graffiti in Paddington

there is a wall that seems to do commission graffiti outside our work. Normally things appear completed, but this one took three weeks so you can see the progression to the completed work.

. . . → Read More: graffiti in Paddington

Catching the train to work


In the continuing, how should I get to work, I caught the train. This involves a lot of walking as the nearest train station is quite a long way from my work. I choose to use Kings Cross station, even though many of my work colleagues have an unnatural fear of . . . → Read More: Catching the train to work