50th birthdays and House Warming

I didn’t end up having a party for my 50th mostly because I was in the middle of moving from Marrickville to Kalorama and it was just too hard.

We talked then of having a party when I was 51 and Kirsten 49 as it would be a be century. But . . . → Read More: 50th birthdays and House Warming

Observation Tuesdays – Melbourne Cup

The advantage of being in Melbourne for Melbourne Cup is that you get a holiday and you can completely ignore the race because you don’t have to go to some work function and watch the thing while eating food and drinking alcohol. I spent my whole life ignoring the Melbourne Cup. I have never been . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – Melbourne Cup

Teresa’s Third Birthday

Originally we were going to hold it in the Kalorama Pavilion. This was a cheaper option and allowed the guest list to be open-ended. But on the down side was the catering (which was not too scary) and the cleaning up (which was scary to me at least). Also the wintertime weather in . . . → Read More: Teresa’s Third Birthday

The 9th Annual Chilli Cook Off

Well after last year, when I did some cooking, this year I was just a Judge. I think there were slightly more people than last year and we were back in Stanmore. There were also more chefs, this time a total of 7 and I think the quality was generally the best I . . . → Read More: The 9th Annual Chilli Cook Off

8thish annual chilli cookoff competition


Well I went to my third of these competitions, I think over a 4 year period. In the first two, I was just a judge, but this time I was a chef. There is some debate about the missing year/s of the competition. So it is the 8thish. In fact there . . . → Read More: 8thish annual chilli cookoff competition

Stilgherrian and Project TOTO



Stilgherrian is going to Tanzania on Project Toto. So he had a going-away-and-maybe-not-coming-back-party at Kelly’s on King. There were quite a few people from the ABC there so I found myself feeling like I was on TV. He is going over there to stir political ferment by introducing them . . . → Read More: Stilgherrian and Project TOTO

Xiao Han’s going away


We had a surprise party organised by V as part of the SPB for Xiao Han’s going away to England and the USA. So many of my friends have headed overseas in the last 12 months. 🙁 We originally started at the posh Argyle Hotel in the rocks, but they were . . . → Read More: Xiao Han’s going away

Orphans' Christmas

For the second year in a row we had an Orphan’s Christmas. This time we went to Taronga Zoo. We ate lots of food, with not a single piece of turkey or ham to be seen, and then had a photo competition, of which the results have not yet been calculated.

“A Bird” by yewenyi . . . → Read More: Orphans’ Christmas


we went up to Terrigal for Pete’s 40th birthday. It was a lovely day, with full sunshine and a strong on-shore breeze. I got mild sun-burn.

“flying a kite” by yewenyi [?] “bangers and onions” by yewenyi [?]

. . . → Read More: birthday