Lennon Bros. Circus

At the Lennon Brothers Circus they annoyingly said that we were it allowed to take photos of the performance because of “copyright reasons”. Of course this is a totally misleading copout. Copyright law does not say you can’t take a poto or video of the performance. It is Lennon Brothers management saying you . . . → Read More: Lennon Bros. Circus

Photo Mondays – 2010-07-19

The tree in Glendalough in Ireland makes an appearance again.

the camera on the new phone

I am learning to use the phone on the new camera. Certainly the iPhone 3gs camera is a step down from the N95 camera. So I have been taking lots of photos to get an idea of what it will and will not do.

. . . → Read More: the camera on the new phone

A walk around Sydenham, Alexandria and Newtown

I did one of James’ photo walks around the inner suburbs of Sydney. It was good as I walked to the start and walked home. Everything was very close.

For the start I walked down from Marrickville to Sydenham station. This is the station I use to get into the city.

Wikipedia: Sydenham developed after . . . → Read More: A walk around Sydenham, Alexandria and Newtown

Full Moon Rising

I looked out the window to see the full moon rising, raced over to get my camera and tripod. It turns out that the moon was the closest it has been in years and also that the size is an optical illusion of the human vision system and on camera you see it at the . . . → Read More: Full Moon Rising


When I was younger I used to play a game called Paranoia. Unfortunately paranoid behaviour has become an endemic in Australia. For instance, the mere act of taking a photo of children in a school is now deemed an evil act. However, when in China we were welcomed with open arms. In Korea, the children . . . → Read More: Padanoia

pervert photography

A woman in Canberra, this year, said to me that certain stances in photography amounted to attempts to take photos up a skirt and used this stance as an example. This is of course a stupid belief. It actually means that the photographer, such as myself, is too lazy to lie down on the ground . . . → Read More: pervert photography

Harassing James

One thing I have noticed in wandering around Sydney is that the security people take a dislike to James. If I wander off on my own, I am fine and allowed to take photos. But as soon as James arrives, a security guard will start asking questions and if possible try to make us go . . . → Read More: Harassing James

to Rio Tinto and Coal and Allied, owners of Mouth Thorley Warkwarth

This is an open letter to the owners of this mine. I am a member of the Sydney Photobloggers Photography group. On Sunday 30 December, we went for a Photo Trip to the Hunter Valley. Passing by your mine we saw some terrific photography opportunities and decided to stop to take some photos.

A man . . . → Read More: to Rio Tinto and Coal and Allied, owners of Mouth Thorley Warkwarth

Should we hate apec, the government and the police?

Perhaps if they behave like idiots we should or else Australia will become a police state.

Just heard that J had his camera and film confiscated by the cops this morning when spotted taking a picture near the base of the “wall”. My understanding is that he wasn’t even taking a shot of the wall . . . → Read More: Should we hate apec, the government and the police?