Jump Street Photo

There hasn’t been one of these for a while. A new montage. It must have taken some effort to extract the girl from the image.

By Mara ~earth light~

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Photo Mondays – 2012 February 13 – Insect Sex iPhone 4 Case

It still is the best macro shot I have ever taken. Pure chance to catch some insects in the act on a bright sunny day on a nice plant. Click on the image to purchase the case from Red Bubble.

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Storms quench western NSW

This images made it onto ABC rural on this day. Of course being the ABC, they followed the rules and attributed my image. 🙂

I would also think that someone called Kym Cramp in Western NSW is highly likely to be a relative of mine. So if you are Kym or . . . → Read More: Storms quench western NSW

Photo Mondays – 2011 April 18

An image I took at Shanghai Station appeared on several sites in Japan. First it seems to have appeared on a news site, with a proper link and everything, (I love the honesty of the Japanese, it is so refreshing.) and then it seems it appeared on a few other sites just as . . . → Read More: Photo Mondays – 2011 April 18

Photo Mondays – 2010 March 14

Another image of Seoul uploaded to Getty Images. A wall built along the line of an old city wall, with the center of Seoul in the back ground. Just behind me was a security post. I was not permitted to take a photo of that. The new wall is more decorative than defensive.

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Photo Monday – 2010-01-10

A site that used my image, but fails to meet the licence condition of attribution.

and the original image:

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Free GreenHome program for City of Ryde

The Australian Conservation Foundation used one of my images. It is of a fence on Victoria Road in Ryde. I spent a bit of time when taking the photo to ensure that you could not see the road.

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Korea and Wikipedia

From people working on the Korean Wikipedia:

Thank you for the generous permission and change. Your license change hugely reduced my time working on the image. I apologize for sending this reply to you a bit belatedly but I was busy creating several articles to hold your images effectively! There are a few . . . → Read More: Korea and Wikipedia

Global Travel through the Eyes of SE Polk Students

Some Students from South East Polk (in Willowbrook, Iowa) and their teacher, Vanhookc, used some of my pictures in their school slide show project about global travel with a particular emphasis on China.

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travelers beware

be warned according to the guards on the bridge: …All was ok until a security guard asked me to leave the bridge, as you are not allowed to take photos of ‘bridge infrastructure’…

Here are some of the aforesaid evil photos of the bridge.

“Views on the Sydney Harbour Bridge” by yewenyi [?]

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