Australia Day 2014

Here we are again, celebrating the day when the first permanent european settlement began marking the start of the greatest land theft this continent has ever seen.

It has been a sad and depressing year and things just keep on getting worse for the resulting country called Australia.

For starters, as if what . . . → Read More: Australia Day 2014

Global Warming, bush fires and politics

With the current unusually hot weather in Sydney and the fires that happened on a catastrophic fire day. My mind turns to the topic of global warming and the increase in extreme hot weather events in Australia.

The conservative politicians say that speaking of these matters is a sign of disrespect . . . → Read More: Global Warming, bush fires and politics

Observation Tuesdays – 2011 November 15 – Politics

A super simplified version of the political system. I guess it is fairly universal in application.

For each (thing)


If (party you support is in power)

then { say (Thing is good) }

else . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – 2011 November 15 – Politics

banned put in!

Apparently the dumbos at the EBU banned this song for it’s put in political references. Of course you might expect that the Georgians are not happy with the man.

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competitive advantage

I think it is interesting to read,with all these arguments against changing the rules, such as the carbon tax, becuase they will make our industry uncompetitve comapered to others that the same arguments were put forward by those who wanted to stop the laws preventing slavery over 100 years ago. They argued that a nation . . . → Read More: competitive advantage

the financial crisis so far


A very short version:

A person in the great depression decided the government should lend money to those who the banks would not. A person many years later decided to sell these loans to the banks. A banker many years later decided to guarantee these loans. Many people many years later discovered that . . . → Read More: the financial crisis so far

Unfair Elections Results

I have been watching the results of Australian elections for a while now and have noted that in a few ways they represent a gerrymander and are still coming up with mathematically unfair results. The WA elections are a case in point.

This table is not very neat. But you can see a better version . . . → Read More: Unfair Elections Results

John Steward on Amy Palin

Here is one of the best political commentaries I have seen in a long time. Thanks to Amy for sharing the link.

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Why apathy is the coolest thing out there

Well my name sake in Malaysia has an article on Malaysia Today, though it also quotes the New Straights Times. He writes about how what is holding Malaysian Politics back is the apathy of young people more intent on economic wealth. Sounds remarkably reminiscent of what is happening here in Australia. The laws . . . → Read More: Why apathy is the coolest thing out there