Multi Faceted

this dream I think may have occurred over several parts. In the end I chose to end it by waking up. The bus trip featured several people I know in Paddington.

On a intercity bus to a destination. The first night is an intermediate stop. Get off. Have to . . . → Read More: Multi Faceted

an ode to sheep

In theory this should apply equally to Melbourne as it does to Sydney, but people in Melbourne think it is funny, so do I, people in Sydney do not and are very narrow minded.

When I speak of sheep, I am mostly talking about the ones with 4 legs and who are impossible to herd . . . → Read More: an ode to sheep

Card and Memorisation

I sat in a park in Taichung to have a rest. An older man came up and sat next to me. He said how much he liked the west and he liked looking at the banking cards we used. He wanted to look at mine. I showed him an old card I had. . . . → Read More: Card and Memorisation