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Climate Change Rally

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These guys from UUSJ linked to a flickr image taken at a climate change rally protest, but their site’s photo links are tragically broken. I have had more to do with the 350 ppm peoples since then and have my image in a set of 350 photos of cyclists from . . . → Read More: Climate Change Rally

National Climate Change Rally

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I went down to the National Climate Change Rally. It started in Millers Point and went through the rocks to Circular Quay. A very short journey.I was surprised that the Greens were against the Carbon Tax. I obviously not been paying much attention to this topic. There . . . → Read More: National Climate Change Rally

Pilgrims and Protestors the Movie

It has taken some time as I had to learn how to use Garage band and iMovie HD. Really I needed to redo the entire section from the protesters, but I am getting weary of it and have posted it as is.

. . . → Read More: Pilgrims and Protestors the Movie

World Youth Day 2008 and No to Pope Rally

We did a SPB photo walk and went to both. Three of us started at 6AM in the morning outside McDonald’s in Circular Quay. To get there I had to catch the train from about 5:30 AM.

While waiting for confirmation of the fourth person we took some photos at the Rocks. Our fourth . . . → Read More: World Youth Day 2008 and No to Pope Rally

WYD 2008 and No To Pope Rally

A very different police presence for the rally and the protest, with almost no police for the Rally and very many police for the Protest. But in the end the only violence I saw was from an angry member of the rally who was grabbed by other rally members before any violence ensued.

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