Returning from Holbrook

This day we drove back from Holbrook to Kalorama. We just basically zoomed home. Did not stop. Did not visit and made pretty good time. I went and got some coffee for breakfast and took some pics in the early morning fog in Holbrook.

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A lunch at work

Sai-Ping, Raymond and the others are down from HK to do some work here for the week. So we headed out for a pub lunch. Well we went past what is no longer the Paddington Arms to find that the Grand National was closed, bypassed the London and ended up at the Paddington . . . → Read More: A lunch at work

A new bike lane

Today I went out to some of the bike shops in Marrickville and Newtown to see if I could get a new wheel built by one of them for the new trailer, and I can. I also bought a rack bag to replace my pannier bag as my tool bag. Though later in . . . → Read More: A new bike lane

not a pub

This dream happened this morning:


I walk into what I think is a pub. But it does not look like a pub. There are no beer taps, there is no alcohol. The building is a long thin one, quite old. There are racks and ovens, it looks like a bakery. There is a . . . → Read More: not a pub

SPB Photomeet

Well they have been getting farther apart, but I went to this one the sanctuary hotel in town. The food I had was passable but some of the food the others had was not so good.

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