Stilgherrian and Project TOTO



Stilgherrian is going to Tanzania on Project Toto. So he had a going-away-and-maybe-not-coming-back-party at Kelly’s on King. There were quite a few people from the ABC there so I found myself feeling like I was on TV. He is going over there to stir political ferment by introducing them . . . → Read More: Stilgherrian and Project TOTO

disliking the french

Previously I blogged on disliking the Japanese and Lebanese. Well now it seems to be the turn of the French. It has been going along at least since the second gulf was when the French were sensible enough to stay out of it.

On the TV news reports of the European response to . . . → Read More: disliking the french

disliking the lebanese

This has mostly stopped now, but when I first came to Sydney in 1997 and for many years there after, there was a vicious hatred of the lebanese community in particular and arabs in general particularly in the media and from politicians.

disliking the Japanese

Sometimes when I say I would like to live in Japan (which I would, at least for a while), I get very strongly negative responses. People here do not like this. They seem to think that it would mean that they have to behave in ways that they do not want to. I think that . . . → Read More: disliking the Japanese

New Zealanders

some people here in Sydney, say baa every time you talk about New Zealanders. I know some New Zealanders who really hate this. I hate it too. Recently they have been in fine form denigrating these people. Even after some were forced onto training courses.


people in sydney, particularly western sydney, that I know, seem to have a great hate for Brazilians, particularly their soccer team, who are, for some reason sad and unhappy.before this, I have just remembered, taxi drivers used to make statements about longhaired players from the brazilian soccer team who had been seen around sydney. at . . . → Read More: Brazilians

the french

I have always thought of the French as being people from France, or those from other places, who have French ancestry. I still think this. But unfortunately there seems to be many racist people here who think that being French is a synonym for cheating on your partner. Now this is wrong in at least . . . → Read More: the french