Letting out all the water

While camped at the Warburton caravan park, I was annoyed to find that the river was being kept at just below the minor flood level. It meant that the girls could not go swimming in the river as the current was swift.

I was also surprised to see that the dam upstream, the Upper . . . → Read More: Letting out all the water

Eidsvold to Mount Perry via Markoola, Lands End and Allen

Got up early to have an early start. It sort of worked. I left the campground at 7:15 rather than 7:30. We headed out, back the way we came and then turned off. Then into a bunch of rolling and at times very steep rolling hills. Max speed of the day at 68 km/h. Again . . . → Read More: Eidsvold to Mount Perry via Markoola, Lands End and Allen

Mount Morgan to Biloela by bus

it rained all night. I got up at about 4 or 5 AM to go to the toilet. There were people up and about. One camper near me was going up the hill as his tent was leaking, it had been wet from the night before and he needed to go into some . . . → Read More: Mount Morgan to Biloela by bus

Rockhampton to Mount Morgan Via Gracemere

Not many photos from this day. Not enough really, but it was raining lightly all day, so the camera spent most of it’s time in the water proof bag. I heard the rain falling overnight. When I awoke in the morning I found my thongs floating at the height of the grass in . . . → Read More: Rockhampton to Mount Morgan Via Gracemere

Bad Drivers

I caught the bus on Friday becuase it was cold, raining and I had quite a cold and I did not want it to get worse. We had over 50mm of rain in Paddington. While I was waiting for a bus I ended up having a discussion with a man who said that . . . → Read More: Bad Drivers

Afternoon rain

After a nap and some surfing of the web, I headed out again. The afternoon rain had set in. It was very light, but wet enough to make me want to keep my camera in the bag to keep it dry. I headed across the road and found a large shopping centre. The . . . → Read More: Afternoon rain

Poor drainage

Never walk on the western side of Victoria road Marrickville when it is raining. Or you will be soaked. (Sounds like a good topic for a song.)

. . . → Read More: Poor drainage

a bit of rain in Marrickville

Hopefully it will have finished by this evening as I would like our BBQ to still be in Tempe.

. . . → Read More: a bit of rain in Marrickville

No lights


Today the circuit breaker for the lights tripped. Then the master earth leakage breaker also switched. Now I have no lights. No hot water. I am assuming that the hot water is on the lights circuit. The power switch is seen here, with water dripping out of it. The water is . . . → Read More: No lights


It has not rained much in the last few years, perhaps since I have lived here. But at last the rain has started. This is the Sydney I remembered from visiting before I lived here. The streets cannot cope with the rain and much water sit on or runs across the roads. Having lived in . . . → Read More: rain