Video Sunday – 2012 January 1 – Bike Sydney Cargo Bike Ride 2011-12-04

A video if the ride from Centennial Park Via Redfern to Sydney Park. At the end there were lots of cargo bikes. Unfortunately the weather was unkind and it rained a little.

Russian Coachman

Russian Coachman

Some people here in Sydney think the Russian Coachman is the home of the Russian Mafia in Sydney. I have never been inside. But maybe I should. I am curious as to what the Mafia look like. Who they might be. How do you tell? I mean, do they wear . . . → Read More: Russian Coachman

My first flat

I got a flat tyre, my first on the Greenspeed GT3. . . . → Read More: My first flat

Victoria Street, Darlinghurst

There is some phobia of this street. I used to walk down it sometimes when I lived in Redfern and was walking from Redfern to Pott’s Point. I walked this was as it was the most direct route and it involves the least hills. Now I work in Paddington and live in Westmead. I . . . → Read More: Victoria Street, Darlinghurst


I am weary of the hate directed in this city towards the people of Redfern for several reasons:

I lived in Redfern and I refuse to hate myself. Is it not sad that people have to believe that the bad things in life happen somewhere else and then they proceed to actually believe their delusion. . . . → Read More: Redfern