The Good Earth

The van has always, well since we got it, had a bit of a problem with rough idling. Various mechanics have noted it. The people at Burwin Volkswagen said that there were wild fluctuations in the injector pressure and suspected that it might be the bearings in the bearings of the fuel . . . → Read More: The Good Earth


A bit of a repeat of a recent dream.

I am driving the relo. It is clearly in need of repair. Strangely it us booked into the same place on a slight hill that it was in the previous dream. The location is on a semi industrial, but rural road that . . . → Read More: Dream

Back to the Nunnery

I tried to go last week to the nunnery. But I did not ride on Monday, and on Wednesday it rained a lot. So I managed to get down there tonight. Like Wednesday, I took the trailer to carry my new rack. I stopped at the Sydney Fine Food Cafe as I do . . . → Read More: Back to the Nunnery

Breaking the chain

I was headed to work. Coming around a corner under the road bridge at St Peters there was a metallic noise followed by the sound of my chain unspooling from the cogs. I thought, oh no. So I stopped, looked down and saw my chain sitting on the ground. A quick investigation showed . . . → Read More: Breaking the chain

The third visit to the nunnery

This was my third visit to the Nunnery Bicycle Workshop in Waterloo. I had two new Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres to put on. Really I needed three, but when I had purchased them the rear tyre looked like it still had some life in it, so I will have to buy another tyre . . . → Read More: The third visit to the nunnery

Nunnery Bicycle Worshop

the nunnery

Today, on the way home from work I stopped off at the Nunnery Bicycle Workshop at 1 Phillip street in Waterloo. I had been there one several moths ago in the depths of winter to check it out. But this time I went with the intention of working on the . . . → Read More: Nunnery Bicycle Worshop

Bending the steering

speed hump

Reading the blogs and making posts to various groups I learned that the clearance on the gt3 is not really a problem except on 4wd tracks. It also won’t go places a mountain bike would go. I also learned that it was not a problem with any type of speed . . . → Read More: Bending the steering