Dinner @ Cinta Raya

Kirsten’s sister, Martine, recommended a place to eat down in Scoresby. It took us a while, but eventually we got a time together, without the girls, to go down for a meal. After a bit of wandering around in the wrong place as we had the wrong street number, we found it tucked . . . → Read More: Dinner @ Cinta Raya

MSG #22 – Christmas Festivity @ Misky Cravings

We headed out to distant Misky Cravings in Fairfield. This as in part as Yacinta has just been to Peru. Cetrainly the food was very good and much more of a cultural mix that I would have ever thought. My favourite was certainly the Purple Corn Juice. Which apparently is the source of . . . → Read More: MSG #22 – Christmas Festivity @ Misky Cravings

Indian By Nature

Kirsten and I had dinner at Indian By Nature, a place in the Mount Dandenong part of Olinda. The food was good, though I thought a bit pricey.

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Marrickville Thai and Seafood

I noticed anew place a few weeks back, Marrickville Thai and Seafood on Marrickville road nearer Victoria Road. but today I visited it for the first time. It is a simple takeaway joint with a few tables. The food is of the “make your own” type becoming more common these days. I had . . . → Read More: Marrickville Thai and Seafood

MSG #11 - 山城火鍋王

I headed with the MSG to china town for Shangcheng Hotpot. I did not know what kind of hot pot it would be. I did not see this type of hot pot in China when I was there in 1992, but then again I did not go to hebei. Maybe that’s where you . . . → Read More: MSG #11 – 山城火鍋王

Yen For Viet

When I returned form Malaysia, I found that Le Grand Chef, the only Korean Restaurant in Marrickville had closed. I was saddened by this becuase it had good food and provided variety in the offerings in this suburb. The place was undergoing renovations, but I did not know what the outcome would be. . . . → Read More: Yen For Viet

Dinner at the Restaurant Tuck Kee

Well we headed out into the night and I had the delight of having dinner with a smaller selection of my relatives as the others had headed back to their homes in other parts of Malaysia. This place was famous for its roast plate. It has Chinese sausage, two types of roast port . . . → Read More: Dinner at the Restaurant Tuck Kee

Shanghaiese Restaurant

Well I had a day of eating. I went out for lunch with Claudia and we went to Malaya. I have tried going there a few times, but it has always been full. The food was good, though pricey. The service excellent. It was almost the kind of Malaysian Chinese food I have . . . → Read More: Shanghaiese Restaurant

Russian Coachman

Russian Coachman

Some people here in Sydney think the Russian Coachman is the home of the Russian Mafia in Sydney. I have never been inside. But maybe I should. I am curious as to what the Mafia look like. Who they might be. How do you tell? I mean, do they wear . . . → Read More: Russian Coachman

White Lotus Restaurant

This place opened when I just lived down the road in West Melbourne. But soon after I moved to Kallista and now live in Marrickville. So it was good when it was suggested that we have dinner here. The menu has changed quite a bit in all these years. Previously it was just plain, really . . . → Read More: White Lotus Restaurant