2012 a year in review

2012 was a complicated year and very much happened.

I moved to Melbourne from Sydney thanks to the generosity of my workplace at Telstra and had an instant family with two girls. And in this front, things get better.

I got a SMS death threat and from a different source, a stream of . . . → Read More: 2012 a year in review

Dinner @ Cinta Raya

Kirsten’s sister, Martine, recommended a place to eat down in Scoresby. It took us a while, but eventually we got a time together, without the girls, to go down for a meal. After a bit of wandering around in the wrong place as we had the wrong street number, we found it tucked . . . → Read More: Dinner @ Cinta Raya

The car after 1 month

In addition to the review of the car after 1 week. Here is some additional information after 1 month.

Radio fixed. Is good, though outside temp is -40 deg and I can’t work put how to download phone book contacts. I need to contact Sutton’s to see if the temperature is meant to be that, . . . → Read More: The car after 1 month

The new car after 1 week

I picked up the new i30cw from Suttons Hyundai a week ago and here is my impression so far.

The car has an excellent turning circle which makes driving in car parks much easier. The electric folding mirrors are a good idea. It costs a fortune to fill. $50 for ¾ of a . . . → Read More: The new car after 1 week

Sleep Cycle

Well, I have been running this application for a few weeks now, apart from when I was in Byron Bay. It proports to show your sleep patterns from the vibrations of the bed. I’m not sure how it would go in a bed with two or more people. The main benefit of this is that . . . → Read More: Sleep Cycle

the camera on the new phone

I am learning to use the phone on the new camera. Certainly the iPhone 3gs camera is a step down from the N95 camera. So I have been taking lots of photos to get an idea of what it will and will not do.

. . . → Read More: the camera on the new phone

gt3 at the end of week 2

first flat

I got off to a slow start. It rained most of the first week and as the machine was new, and the old bike needs fixing, I caught the bus and train to get to work for three of the five days. The first week was notable as I got . . . → Read More: gt3 at the end of week 2

the end of the prius

Pickles Auctions

Well, over 50,000 km later, and after 2 years, the lease on the Prius ran out. I did not choose to buy it out . It was the most unusual car I have ever had. So I’ll write my own views below. I have no car now. I am thinking . . . → Read More: the end of the prius