Some photos from the ride to and from work.

Riding to work

Some inmages from riding to work.

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Riding to Work

Another panorama on the way to work. Also I stopped to take a photo of the electric bike, a Fuze. The owner of which came up and said that her partner was importing them. I was not able to find a link on a quick search of Google. It seems fuze is too . . . → Read More: Riding to Work

The week ending 2010-07-03

I tried a links blog before, but generally it was too much work. But I have been busy this week, so I will give it another go. At best it will be an intermittent thing.

BV are running another ride to work day on 13 October 2010. Of course yours truly . . . → Read More: The week ending 2010-07-03

The small god Tar

He spoke and he said, dig a hole just here. So his minions did and the traffic was disrupted.

. . . → Read More: The small god Tar

Ride to work video

I have been thinking for some time about mods to make to the trike. The first mod was to mount my old Nokia N95 on the front of the trike. I purchased some foamy plastic sheet and a eyelet tool from an arts shop in Newtown and made a cover. I purchased some . . . → Read More: Ride to work video

The ride to work

Well after the attempt to get to Waterfall on the weekend, I am now riding faster. But I have still been unable to break the 30 minute barrier on the way home. It takes me longer to get to work becuase it is up-hill. This time I was riding with another two-wheeled rider . . . → Read More: The ride to work


the fist

Riding down Frampton lane I was saddened to see that someone had dumped a load of garbage there. So I stopped to take some photos. Just as I was leaving a car came along the lane. There have been many cards on the lane recently. Since school went back this . . . → Read More: garbage

My first flat

I got a flat tyre, my first on the Greenspeed GT3. . . . → Read More: My first flat